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Mahjong is believed by some to have healing powers for those with memory loss and/or difficulty remembering things from both their short and long term memory. The exercise of matching up tiles may actually be beneficial for this problem, but it is an interesting and entertaining game whether you have any such problems or not. Many players of Mahjong also find it very relaxing when compared to some other games.

You may not be aware that the game goes by many different names. Most often, it is referred to as one word, but it may also be seen split as in Mah Jong. Other forms that are still in use in different places are Ma Cheuk, Mo Tsiah, Ma Chiang, Ma Chiao, and Mah Jongg. Any of these are acceptable, but Majong and Marjong are considered misspellings.

If you have never played Mahjong before, you might think it is as complicated as the many names it has when you first see the tiles. Don't let that bother you because it is really a matching game anyone can play. Small children can just as easily play Mahjong as they can Old Maid, and it is great for helping develop their counting, matching, and number skills.

Of course, you don't have to be young to enjoy a game of Mahjong. No matter what name you want to call it, Mahjong is sure to become one of your favorite pastimes; once you give it a try you'll be hooked!